Anatomy of the Poll

October 24, 2018


  • Names of bones in the poll 

  • Muscle Attachments 

  • Posture affecting relaxation and tension






Fulle Transcript


The major bones making up the poll are the occipital, the temporal, the parietal, and interparietal.  

Pronunciation of name
occipital (oc-ci-pi-tal)
temporal (tem-por-al)
parietal (pa-ri-e-tal)
interparietal (inter-pa-ri-e-tal) 

The attachment of the skull to the neck is at the poll. The poll connects to the dorsal chain muscles as well as the ventral chain muscles. A heavy hand or hard hand while riding causes poll tension in the horse. A jerk to the side or pulling his head behind the vertical will tens up the muscles in the poll. Contrary to the images we just saw of the horses being jerked to the side or pulled behind the vertical, this horse is being encouraged to push his head out in front of the vertical and move fluidly from behind. This helps him maintain relaxation in his body and relaxation in the poll, which also helps him avoid back tension, hollowing and causing himself injury. 



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