Contour Lines and Self Assessment

September 18, 2018


Periodically throughout the evolution of your sculpture you will want to self assess the accuracy, composition and flow of the piece in it's entirety. 

This is a powerful time, because some of the assessment you will make may not be something you want to recognize due to all the hard work you’ve put into your sculpture. However it’s important to put in the effort to make adjustments to improve form and contour as you move through the progress and growth of your piece.

When the student artist refuses to make the necessary adjustments needed in let’s say a faulty armature or poor proportions, then the student spends more time fumbling around the troubled area then he/she may spend in making the needed adjustment, causing unnecessary frustration and dissolution towards the work.  

Move  your eye over the entire piece at a distance taking in its entirety. Asses the balance from front to back and side to side viewing it at all angles. Pinpoint the areas that your eye is drawn to. Your eye is likely drawn to these areas for lack of accuracy, balance and flow. Now asses these areas against the living animal. What feels off? What looks correct?

As you make adjustments, move your hands over the sculpture as if it were a dance flowing from part to part, never stopping for a long period of time while you continue to assess the piece in its entirety.


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