Materials Needed to Learn Horse Anatomy

April 23, 2018

1. The Basics 

 The bare basics needed to begin learning to sculpt horse anatomy is some clay and a support system for that clay. Modeling tools are not essential when you are just starting out. Working the clay with your hands will be the most beneficial and important tool to use in the early stages. This is becasue, you want to develop a natural feel for shaping the clay right from the start. 




Download the sculptors packet now for a list of tools and where to purchase them. 








2. Clays

Sculpting can be achieved is a very broad spectrum of medium. However, for learning equine anatomy it will be easies to use either an oil based or water based clay. In these clays it's possible to achieve refined detail needed when studying anatomy. 









3. Modeling tools

 A tool is anything that allows you to achieve the level of detail desired in the clay. This can range from a toothpick to a carefully crafted sculptors tool made of wood or metal. Many sculptors have made their own tools to achieve a specific kind of texture on the surface of their sculpture.







4. Wooden Tools vs Metal 

Tools made for wax sculpting work very well becasue of their sharp edges. They are made of stainless steel and will last many years. Dental tools, becasue of the verity of shapes and sizes make wonderful tools for sculpting and like wax tools they are made of metal giving them great durability. Wooden tools are also good to have in the mix. Becasue of their soft edges they will you to achieve softer edges then that with the metal tools. 








5. Support system

Not all clays need an armature for support. However, becasue the purpose here is to learn horse anatomy by sculpting, a properly formed armature is needed. For oil based clay an aluminum wire armature is needed to prevent rust and decay inside the sculpture. If you are sculpting with a water based clay a wooden armature is recomended. Of these two support systems, we commonly use the oil based clay over the aluminum wire at Sculpture Equine Anatomy. This is becasue its easy to assemble and requires the minimum tools. This does not go to say we are against using other kinds of clays. We encourage experimentation and like to see what others have created using different kinds of materials. 



Download the sculptors packet now for a list of tools and where to purchase them.




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