An Easy Way To Memorize Anatomy

March 26, 2018




Download our free worksheet to do this exercise.



1. Why memorize the names?

Well there are several good reasons why we at Sculpture Equine Anatomy feel memorizing the muscle names is a good idea. First you will not only learn the name of the muscle but you will also learn where it is on your horse and how he uses it. This is valuable information for riding and sculpting! Its also a great tool when you are sculpting the muscles to know what its called, its shape and location. It also doesn't hurt to have a few scientific words in your back pocket to discuss with other like minded horsemen and women. 


2. How it works 

Step 1: Begin by mapping out the muscles, these are listed in the worksheet, by marking them on the chart provided. 

Step 2: Now locate each muscle on your horse.

Step 3: Ask an experienced horsemen to lift the leg as if he where to clean it. Note how each muscle expands or contracts. 





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