How To Build Horse Anatomy In Clay

March 17, 2018



Bone is Equal to Armature 

In sculpture, a pliable armature is built out of aluminum wire accurate to the bone structure of the horse. It is vital that this structure be built with the proper joint locations and body proportions. This makes it a fantastic avenue to studying the inner workings of the horse.  







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Bone in clay

Over the armature is sculpted a rough or detailed outline of the bone's shape and proper location. This will further re-enforce the location of the joints, where the bones fit together and how they move or remain stationary. 













 Layering muscles

Over the bone we layer muscle until the final layer just before the skin. In this stage the sculptor, you, can decide if the muscles are to be exposed. This is called écorché, a traditional sculpting method for studying the inner workings of the figure of a chosen subject. Exposed muscle would be textured. Or you can choose to finish the sculpture with a final layer of skin and fur. All of these steps are explained and demonstrated in our online courses. Registering for your preferred course today!






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