Sculpting Best Practices

March 20, 2018

1. Progress 

To make progress you must let go of your desire for immediate mastery! Just as one can not expect to train a Grand Pix in a matter of months nor can one expect to become a great master sculptor. Both require time, regular dedication, practice and constant study. It takes many sculptures of your own creation to achieve a work of quality. With regular practice and a dedication to be the best sculptor you can be, your skills will flourish. 




Practice with our online courses





2. References

With the many references we provide through the private FaceBook group Sculpture: Equine Anatomy we suggest you make yourself a reference binder. You can easily carry this binder with you anywhere you choose to sculpt and you will have access to the images off line. You can also use it to practice and memorize your anatomical terms. 








3. State of mind

To progress well in sculpting, you will want to practice being calm and positive with yourself. This is a skill that can be learned and practiced to help you make daily progress. If you are a person that is highly focused with high energy, motivated and maybe a little on edge that's fine, becasue these are all qualities that can be channeled to help you become a great anatomy sculptor.







4. Forming good habits

Just before you begin your sculpting activity, try this exercise. Sit down, and close your eyes and breath naturally. Now repeat the words release, as you move through each part of your body releasing the areas with the most tension. You want to work through each part of your body repeating the word release. You don't have to wait until all the tension in your body is released to do this. Just before opening your eyes, ask yourself what kind of energy do I want to bring to my sculpting activity? Give yourself just two to five minutes to accomplish this before you begin. This is called managing transitions. What you are doing here, is transitioning yourself into the sculpting environment you want to experience. To learn more about this and other high performance methods we recommend following Brandon Burchard on YouTube. We haven't gotten any kind of endorsement from him. We just find his performance methods very helpful when learning to sculpt.      



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