What is Sculpting Anatomy?

March 11, 2018



This is the process of building a figure in clay. At sculpture equine anatomy we focus on building the horses body in clay. Students learn to build a structure to support the heavy weight of the clay. This clay is then modeled into shapes showing exposed muscles and bones. Students learn about muscle attachments, how they are layered over bone and what well developed and under developed horses look like.  





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Local Classes

Weekly anatomy classes take place at our city's Palo Alto Art Center (PAAC) and the Community School of Music and Art (CSMA) in Mountain View in beautiful Silicon Valley. Students gather to practice learning about how to sculpt muscles and the horses natural body structure to help improve their understanding of their horses. They also hope to improve their riding abilities by understand how the horse is structured and how his body develops at different stages in training. If you are located in the Bay Area, consider participating in a local course for one on one instruction. 






Class Content

Students learn about equine posture, muscle shapes and movement, bone location and attachments and how the horse is able to naturally develop and move over time. Students build the horses musculoskeletal structure using a soft pliable clay over a wire frame. The process of modeling in this way can improve their desired end result in communicating or training with their horse by understanding the horses physical strengths and weaknesses and the students own form of contact with their hands to the clay.







Live Sketching in Clay

Some classes are conducted at local riding facilities and boarding stables.

This allows students to work directly from a live horse using a traditional method called clay sketching. Unlike drawing, this is a three dimensional method that uses small pieces of softened clay to quickly capture the horses muscle movement and body expressions. 








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