5 Tips to Start Sculpting Horse Anatomy

March 4, 2018

1: Materials

Make sure you have the proper materials for sculpting anatomy. You can use any clay that is comfortable for you. But at Sculpture: Equine Anatomy we recommend using an organic reusable oil based clay or SuperSculpy (Download about your clay paphlet). Its safe and easy to use, so you can jump right into studying the anatomical structure without struggling a lot with your material. 






2 : Preparation

Give yourself time to prep an organized work station. This can either be a mobile studio (download how to build a sculpture stand) or set up in an undisturbed corner of your home. Just make it comfortable for you and easy to access at a moments notice. 








 3: Schedule time

In your agenda, schedule regular time blocks each day or week that is specifically for anatomy sculpting. This will help you progress rapidly even if its just 15-20 minutes a day.  













4: Building your first armature

Just like baking, you will want to layout all your ingredients. Well in this case layout your tools and materials to double check if you have everything you need to build an armature. For a list of materials Download the Free Sculptor's Packet or join our FaceBook group @SculptureEquineAnatomy







5: It Takes Time To Learn

Remember sculpting is a skill that dates back to about 3000 b.c. which means it requires time and dedication to become proficient. The good news is, because its a skill, anyone who dedicates consistent time to training their eye and hand coordination will become a proficient equine anatomy sculptor. 


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