4 Easy Steps to Learning Equine Anatomy

March 14, 2018



1: Learn one muscle or bone a day.

Make the commitment to learning just one muscle or bone through a trusted resource like a veterinarian recourse, online videos or the Sculpture: Equine Anatomy facebook page. Telling yourself its just one name to remember will take the stress off of memorization and before you know it you will be a horse anatomy encyclopedia.






2: Memorizing exercise

Just focus on the muscle's location on your horse. You can practice the name of the muscle when you are grooming your horse or preparing for a riding lesson. When you brush over the region of his body, remember the name of the muscle. Now you've accomplished your memorization exercise for the day. 







 3: Do you have that muscle too?

Probably! Try to locate your similar muscle by just doing a simple google search. Learn a little about how that muscle functions in the human body. Now you have related your horse's experience with one of your own. Making you more empathetic to your horse while you are working together.  






4: Be consistent with your learning

Include just 5-10 minutes in your daily agenda for learning one new piece of anatomy per day.  Consider registering for one of our online courses to help you make the commitment. You can sign up on our Video Lessons page. You will be surprised how fast you learn with just a little dose every day!






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