What is Equestrian Mastery?

Equestrian Mastery is an advanced monthly program for horse people seeking personal development that teaches equine anatomy, biomechanics, personal mindset, and training skills needed to become an extraordinary equestrian.


You learn to re-engage your horse and show up with more joy, confidence, and effectiveness every time you interact.


Unlike other training programs, it’s not wishy-washy information. EMM is the only science-backed curriculum that incorporates building the anatomy in sculpture to help you develop your understanding of the horse and achieve high levels of performance with your horse that leads to long-term safety and success.


This is where equestrian leaders go to master their mind, develop their horses, envision their outcome, and accelerate their growth. It's based on the latest horse training insights and tools from equine development, anatomy, and rider-horse communication. 


During this transformational time, you’ll unlock levels of clarity, centeredness, harmony, influence, confidence, and partnership you didn’t know existed. You’ll discover what’s been missing. You’ll level up. You'll celebrate and enter the ring with greater skill and confidence. You’ll find harmony with your horse.


Equestrian Mastery is the new standard in equine and rider development. Why? Because there are no random people telling you to sell all your tack or buy a new horse to get a cut of sales; no under the table deals; no "backstabbing" trainers; no hours of cussing; and no Though guy nonsense where you’re taught to ‘dominate the horse’ at the expense of your values, safety or health.


You're not herded into a program you can’t escape forcing you to choose between yourself or your horse. 


This is a training program with a real curriculum, based on real scientific study, not a hype experience or a boring course full of random information. You and your fellow equestrians from around the world are in the safe hands of Deanna R. C. Montero ready to help you achieve your dreams with your horse. 

WARNING: Sculpture Equine Anatomy is for educational purposes only. For veterinarian or training advice seek a professional.

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