Introduction to Horse Anatomy
(SRA- Adult Sculpture) 

Dates: May 2 - June 13 (Every Saturday) 

2:00 - 5:00 pm 

In this class, you will learn about the horse's anatomical makeup by sculpting its natural form using clay. In this 7-week class, you will obtain an introductory knowledge of the horse's musculoskeletal structure. While building these vital structures of the horse's body out of clay you will gain important knowledge about how the horse moves and develops. While applying traditional and contemporary methods for modern-day sculpting, you will build a strong foundation for furthering both your equine and artistic future.  The class takes place at the Stanford Equestrian Facility where you will have access to horses while sculpting. 

Introduction to Sculpture
(Adult Sculpture) 

Dates: May 4 - June 22 (Every Monday) 

6:00 - 9:00pm 

This class explores the basics of figurative sculpture. Begin by learning to build a basic armature and how to use relative proportions to realize your sculptural vision. Inspiration will be drawn from master works as you learn to sculpt over your armature as you reference anatomy for accuracy. Through these techniques, you will discover your own ways to create dynamic and expressive composition. 

You must register through the Palo Alto Art Center for this course by following the link below and searching "Sculpture".

The Safe Horse; Building Topline

FREE Online Course!

In ‘The Safe Horse; Building Topline Volume I’ you will learn the basics of equine anatomy and it’s role for building a safe and strong riding partner. The biomechanics of the horse’s body is explained in comprehensive and practical language to help you help your horse build a stronger musculoskeletal structure for safer riding.

In ‘The Safe Horse; Building Topline Volume II’ you will learn about the natural stages of muscular development and how to identify when the horse is moving optimally. You will also learn valuable exercises to help build a strong topline which can be implemented into any training program. You will learn the reasons why certain exercises are important for your horse as well as when and how to use them.

WARNING: Sculpture Equine Anatomy is for educational purposes only. For veterinarian or training advice seek a professional.

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