The Safe Horse; Building Topline

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In ‘The Safe Horse; Building Topline Volume I’ you will learn the basics of equine anatomy and it’s role for building a safe and strong riding partner. The biomechanics of the horse’s body is explained in comprehensive and practical language to help you help your horse build a stronger musculoskeletal structure for safer riding.

In ‘The Safe Horse; Building Topline Volume II’ you will learn about the natural stages of muscular development and how to identify when the horse is moving optimally. You will also learn valuable exercises to help build a strong topline which can be implemented into any training program. You will learn the reasons why certain exercises are important for your horse as well as when and how to use them.

Introduction to Equine Anatomy in Sculpture

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Watch or sculpt along with S.E.A.'s founder Deanna C Montero sculpt the complete anatomy in clay. You will learn the full musculoskeletal structure of the horse in the introductory course. Register NOW to get limited-time FREE access.

WARNING: Sculpture Equine Anatomy is for educational purposes only. For veterinarian or training advice seek a professional.

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